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"I have had the honor of consulting with and working alongside Allie for some time. She consistently inspires me with the depth of care and attentiveness to the individuals that sit before her. The heart-centered space in which she holds with such a delicate balance of intuition and intellect, is truly extraordinary. I have felt confident referring any client to her as she embodies safety and attunement with all walks of life."

-Elizabeth Irving, LMFT
Colleague and Consultant

"Allie effortlessly integrates her wealth of knowledge and warm, authentic presence to create a safe space for self-exploration and a deeper understanding of self. She is a gentle and compassionate therapist who is unafraid to travel the complex depths of the human experience and provide light and healing. Anyone who has the opportunity to sit across from Allie will leave feeling seen, heard, and connected."

-Carly Portillo, LMFT
Colleague and Consultant

-Dr. Nicole Reilly, LMFT and Mindfulness Group Facilitator

"Allie is an amazing therapist and human. Her grounded presence and humanizing manner affords her the unique capability of creating a safe space for one to unfold and confront the depths of their emotions and empowering a person to grow into the highest version of themselves. She is a gift in the field of psychotherapy. "

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Fit is important in forming a therapeutic relationship. I offer a free, 20 minute initial consultation. Please don't hesitate to contact me- I can help answer any questions and it is a great opportunity to see if I may be the right fit for you!




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