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"What you think, you become.
What you feel, you attract.
What you imagine, you create."




Are there parts of you that are in conflict with your highest Self? I am here to help you find your own inner healing, your deeper truths, your resilience, your awareness, and your strength. I work within a client-centered framework and take other tools from different modalities to meet you where you are. We will work collaboratively to discover and hold whatever may be arising with mindfulness and a holistic approach to finding stability and calm. We will explore the mind-body connection, somatic experience and felt sense of emotions together to get closer to what is present for you.

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  • The University of California, Los Angeles :

    • B.S., Psychology; B.A., World Arts and Cultures

  • The University of San Francisco

    • M.A. Counseling Psychology; PPS, LPCC

Prior to becoming a therapist, I was an elementary school counselor and worked with young kids 6-12 years old, using art, sand tray, parts work and behavioral regulation skills in order to support anxiety, depression, and trauma. I am trained in mindfulness curriculums, crisis and suicide prevention and like to utilize parts of Internal Family Systems and other modalities that may support my clients.



I offer individual counseling in which we work one-on-one in a safe, caring, and confidential environment. Everyone has a unique reason they find themselves seeking support and therapy will be different depending on each individual goal.

My in-depth experience with kids has led me to work with adults who may have had turbulent childhoods who continue to see dysfunctional patterns in relationship to self or in relationship to others. I use inner child work to guide you to your highest self to find a rewiring that is more healthy, regulated, and more in tune with your needs, desires, and intuition. I hope to provide relief to all of my clients as we all have the power within us to find what we need to heal and put ourselves back together.


My goal is to help you get back into the world with more stability and insight into self. Sometimes life can be overwhelming and it is during these times in which we often find ourselves holding on so tight  we forget to see around us. Unfortunately, we often forget to reach out for support or guidance to find relief. Once we find another compassionate listener, we can finally relax into the space to heal together. 


I use a psychodynamic approach, Attachment Theory, Mindfulness, Art, Sand Tray Therapy, Internal Family Systems. Feel free to ask more about what these look like!



Because fit is important in forming a therapeutic relationship, I offer a free, 30 minute initial consultation. Please don't hesitate to contact me- I can help answer any questions and it is a great opportunity to see if I may be the right fit for you!



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